Frequently Asked Question.

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”
Everyone must’ve been asked that question over a hundred times when they were kids. Usually, you would hear the boys saying that they would want to be policemen or firemen, the girls would want to be doctors or teachers. My answer was always “I want to be an animal doctor!”

I know a lot of people don’t like animals here in Kuwait, but I grew up in a family that loves them. Growing up, I remember that we had a shepherd mix called Max, pigeons, fish, a goat, a sheep (yes, at home), even rescued a sick cat once. I grew up learning about these animals, playing with them and taking care of them.
I love animals. It’s that simple. I cannot think of a better job that fits me, a job that I would enjoy doing more than being a veterinarian. The happiness it brings to see animals in great shape because of something I am doing, it’s unbelievable. It was my dream and now it’s coming true.

Why am I doing this?

Everytime I tell someone that I want to be a vet, they laugh and make fun of it saying that it is pointless to waste my time studying something so.. uneccesary.
I’ll tell you what, every single day, most of you have meat or chicken for lunch. Who takes care of the animal before it goes into your stomach? Vets do. Every morning, you have a cup of milk or a slice of cheese over bread or eggs, who takes care of the animals that produce this milk, cheese & eggs? Vets do.

Veterinarians have an unappreciated role in our society because people are unaware of their importance. We deal with animals and consume animal products every single day. We live in an ecosystem, we are surrounded by beautiful birds, we have a desert that would be crawling with life if we took care of it! Animals are all around us. Some of you have pets, be it cat, bird, rabbit, dog, etc. If that pet gets sick, you need to go to a veterinary hospital and if you don’t that animal could die or the disease could spread, sometimes even infecting us people.

The significant part that is played by vets in our life should not be taken for granted. The connection between humans and animals is made safe by their efforts. They insure that our pets are healthy, our food is clean, and they keep us safe from diseases.
I chose to study veterinary science to help make Kuwait a safe place for humans and animals alike.

9 thoughts on “Frequently Asked Question.

  1. Anonymous

    It's good to see real animal lovers who really care about animal's health in kuwait, you are a rare person, Best of luck on your journey, and may you be the best vet kuwait has ever had (Y)

  2. Anonymous

    Here in the US being a DVM is very much admired just like being a human MD! You're right people don't think about the science behind the production of their food (if they eat animal products) or the role we play in maintaining the health of the natural environment around us. Also, it amazes me that people who profess to be of any religion can simultaneously display such egregious disregard for the lives of ALL their God's creatures around them. Who among us is more "godly"; the selfish and self-centered human or the "lesser" animals who've been entrusted to our care? -FLAS

  3. Jameela Al-Nakkas

    I will do my best to change how people here see veterinary studies and animals. And I believe that some people are too cruel to be called "human", regardless of their nationality or religion, etc.

  4. Welovepetsq8

    Bravo Jameela, I really loved your blog and about being a Vet, it's super awesome, I think you are going to be the 1st Kuwaiti Girl. Good LuckThanks for mentioning us in your lovely blog :)))) Regards,Abdulmuhsin

  5. TJ

    I'm very proud of you for going with your heart against our stupid community, there is no better feeling than to do what you love, hopefuly by the time you get back more people would be educated about the importance of animals in our universe and how to treat them, I wish they will follow the teaching of saydana mohamad sala allah alaih wa alehin wasalam on how to treat Animal in general and how far it will take them in judgment day. I'm happy for you best of luck and please keep us updated while your away!


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