To Breed or Not to Breed?

I will talk about something that is taken so lightly here in Kuwait. Actually, it is totally normal for people to do this, but it has a very negative impact on animals and on our society. I will talk about breeding. Whether it is a cat or a dog, breeding is breeding. It is a reason why we have so many animals running in the streets, the reason why the shelters are full, and the reason why animals are dying out there.As I explained in my “About “page, I will expose myself and I will talk about my personal experience. I will not act as a saint in this. I did breed, I bred once. My first Labrador Sugar, we took her to my dad’s friend who had a beautiful Siberian Husky mix and they mated. I took great care of her, fed her well, took her for Sonar scans and all. But I did one mistake that made me regret that I ever thought of breeding. When the pups were born, three beautiful females and a tiny male, I took care of them for four months, then it was time to find them homes. I had six dogs at that time, Achilles, Sugar and her four puppies. They were well taken care of but they had to go to new homes, I just couldn’t keep them all. As time went by, two of the puppies found homes. Two, unfortunately, weren’t that lucky. My family decided that we couldn’t keep them any longer and they had no place to go but the streets. I personally wouldn’t do it. I can never let go of any of my dogs even if it was to good homes. So my father took them and let them go in the desert somewhere he thought they’d be “safe”. I can never forgive myself for those two lives that I was the one who decided to have them, and then they had nowhere to go. It was like sending them to their death.
What I thought back then is that “it’s alright, they’ll find food and maybe someone will take care of them”. But it’s not always like that. Not a lot of people do what I do, go around picking up sick or lone puppies and taking care of them. They could get run over by a car (sometimes on purpose), they could starve or die of thirst, they could get shot or even poisoned. These thoughts haunt me every single day. I don’t know if these two beautiful pups are alive now, but I highly doubt it, and it is all because of me. I took her to breed with that male, I raised those pups without finding them homes earlier on, and I didn’t know what I got myself into until it was too late.

Sugar and her puppies.

Now, don’t get me wrong, certain people can and are totally allowed to breed. But these are Professional Breeders, not Unprofessional Breeders. (Learn about the difference here. Important link) It takes a lot to breed, raise and sell a puppy or cat, it’s not something anyone can do. And even if you don’t breed, do NOT buy from Unprofessional Breeders (Consider adopting). The puppies/kittens usually have inherited diseases, behavior problems, and are taken away from their mothers way too soon. If you do breed, I encourage you to stop and spay or neuter your pets. It is the best you can do for their health and to control our feral/strays population.

Which leads me to another topic, I will not talk much about it but I’ll try to say it in a nutshell. Spay and neuter people. It is good for your dog/cat’s health. It stops your beloved dog from running away to find a mate or your cat from crying 24/7. It controls the pet population and it certainly saves you the trouble of birth, nursing, and finding homes for the little ones. It saves money (of course). Finally, you don’t want to go through what I went through.
Lastly, K’s PATH is holding it’s first Feral Cat Spay and Neuter Clinic on December 22nd. Here’s the information they posted on their Facebook page just in case you have a friendly cat on the street that can be trapped and spayed/neutered.
 “We are extremely happy to announce our first Feral Cat Spay and Neuter Clinic to be held on Saturday December 22nd. This is an opportunity for you to bring in the street cats you feed to be sterilized and vaccinated for 10KD per cat. All cats have to be dropped off between 8am and 9am and collected between 4pm and 5 pm. If you would like to schedule a cat or cats please e-mail with the number of cats you would like to bring and their genders. Please let us know if you have any questions.”
I’ll leave you with the video that made me want to write this post.

4 thoughts on “To Breed or Not to Breed?

  1. American Girl

    You are such a wonderful person, Jameela and I absolutely love your blog. The world needs more people like you to educate and share their experiences regarding animals.As for the puppies you feel so responsible for… don't be so hard on yourself. You simply didn't know better. The experience not only allowed you to learn, but to encourage others not to make the same mistake. Resulting in saving far more lives than you will probably ever know.

  2. Jameela Al-Nakkas

    thank you for your kind words American Girl. The blog means nothing without people like you who believe that small steps can make a difference 🙂 And you're right, I did learn from my mistake and I hope others will learn too.


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