Junk food for pets

Happy New Year my dear readers!

Since the topic with the highest votes in my last poll was “Junk food for pets” it is what I will try to explain here. The problem is this topic isn’t easy to discuss in one post, so I’ll be dividing it to several posts. In this post I will give you a few general tips and I will leave you with the brand that I chose and why I chose it. If you have any questions please leave them in the comments or email me on jameelalnakkas@gmail.com
One of the first steps of getting a pet is to decide what are you going to feed it. A few years ago, we didn’t have many choices in Kuwait as there were almost no pet shops that supply different types of pet food but now it seems like there is a new pet shop opening every month! That is a good thing, we are now able to choose what is best for our animals. After all it is our responsibility to make sure they live a comfortable life and that they are healthy. Why should you feed your pet good food? Why not just anything, any brand as long as it’s “food”?
It’s simple:
  1. A healthy animal is a happy animal, and a happy pet means a happy owner!
  2. It’s better to spend more money on better food and your pet’s health rather than spending hundreds of KDs on vet bills.
When you first go shopping for pet food, the first thing you should think about is the pet’s species (cat, dog, bird, etc.), second is the age (young, adult, or senior), third would be the size of the food bag or can, forth would be the cost, and lastly, how often is the brand in stock (cause sudden change of food is not good for your pet). These are the basic things that you should consider when deciding what to feed your pet. There are other things to take into consideration like what the breeder used to feed the pet’s mom during and after pregnancy, what the animal was fed while it’s growing (or what it was fed in the shelter), and of course health problems and specific needs of your pet as instructed but its vet.
Now, is that all you need to know about your pet food? Is that all it takes for your pet to live a long healthy life? Of course not. The food you choose makes a difference. You can choose whether to feed your pet a healthy diet, or junk food for pets.
I chose to feed Chance, Achilles and Tailor a brand called Wysong (you can get Wysong at Pawsh Boutique or RAH). They have changed the way I see pet feeding. Their concept will make you realize things that are so obvious but you just never thought of. The boys love the food. Their coats are great, no allergies, no vomiting, and the transition only took four days! Also, I pick up dog poop only once or twice a day. I seriously love preparing it, seeing the raw meat and the vegetables. I will be using Wysong as my reference in this topic and I would recommend that you read about them and their 100 Pet Health Truths.

My first Wysong order from Pawsh Boutique (Epigen, UnCanny Chicken & Yogurt, Rabbit AuJus)
Chance’s dinner, Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula mixed with Wysong UnCanny and sprinkled with Missing Link Ultimate Hip & Joint supplement
Tailor’s beef stew in gravy (I think, not sure with all the different canned food he eats)
Chance giving me the puppy eyes, waiting for the command “you can eat”
Achilles waiting too


Stay tuned for more! I will be telling you about the first step in making sure you know all about your pets’ food and that you are feeding your pet what it needs in the my next post!

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