Steamed, fried, grilled or RAW?

As explained in my last two posts, choosing what to feed your pet can be hard work (totally worth it though). That could be a reason why some people turn to home-cooked food. When it comes to feeding animals cooked food, keep one thing in mind, humans are the ONLY creatures on Earth that cook their food, no other “animal” cooks.

So, with that in mind, it is obvious that what our animals actually need is RAW FOOD. That’s what they ate before they were domesticated. That is what their bodies are made to digest, consume and benefit from. Now when it comes to raw food, there is no doubt that cats or dogs need to eat raw meat and it is perfect (Pottenger Cat Study video on the right says it all) for them, but the problem lays in these points:

1- Contamination; raw meat should be dealt with very carefully and in certain measures to avoid getting bacteria on the meat, insect eggs, and even to prevent the meat from spoiling.

2- Rotation; yes, even with meat you have to rotate to make sure your pet gets the amount it needs from minerals, amino acids and vitamins that differ in ratio from organ to organ. No, feeding raw meat doesn’t mean you only feed the muscle tissue. Raw should be raw muscle tissue, raw organs, raw bones, skin and intestines. Animals in the wild do not pick out the fattest, juiciest slice of meat and leave the whole carcass alone.

3- Vegetation: Dogs are omnivores, they need vegetation such as herbs, fruits, and vegetables in their diets. On the other hand, cats are carnivores, they eat meat exclusively, but while eating an animal, they’d eat its stomach which includes traces of grass and vegetation. So it is neccesary in their diet, too.

Keep in mind that certain animals require different levels of nutrients and you should always consult your veterinary doctor or do some research before feeding your pet any diet. For example, you might need to add supplements to your pet’s diet, or maybe your cat needs less sodium in it’s meals, etc.

Recently, I came across an account on Instagram for a lady who sells raw meals for cats! I’m very happy to see such a thing in Kuwait, pet owners who are trying to help and spread awareness about pet health and feeding. So anyways, I started chatting with this lady (whose name is Sumayya) and I really liked what she’s doing. I won’t post any details about it as our conversations go on for days and days and that’s too much to post. Although, I do have some comments to address about her business.

1- Rotation is neccesary even with fresh meat. Don’t rely daily on the packaged meat, get creative and add veggies or fruits, meat (from another source), diary products and even leftovers into the rotation.

2- Deal carefully with the packaging. Bring along an icebox when getting your package to keep the meat from de-freezing during the ride. And allow the meat to thaw in the fridge before feeding so that it doesn’t lose much of its value (when boiling) or gets contaminated (when left out).

And of course, make sure your pet gets fresh clean water. Also, please read and do a little research about what you feed your pets, and always ask your veterinary doctor for advice.

One thought on “Steamed, fried, grilled or RAW?

  1. Su

    Thanksss I really appreciate it!! Hope youd having fun over there :)For anyone who is interested in a raw diet for their cats and dogs please contacts us via whatsapp on 66973332 and follow us @naturespets


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