K-Cats presents: The Biggest CFA CAT SHOW IN THE MIDDLE EAST

Kuwait’s Cat Society Club held the biggest CFA Cat Show in the Middle East on the first and second of February. There were many categories for cats such as kittens, Championships, Premierships, and Household Pets. The cats were beautiful! Simply stunning. I was very happy to see responsible breeders, neutered/spayed pet cats and shelter cats too! The long-hair cats (mostly Persians) were so perfectly groomed they looked unreal! It was an honor to attend such a show and I would like to thank everyone at K-Cats and the judges for their magnificent effort and the sponsors for making all of this happen.

As for me, it was a first time thing. I’ve always been a dog person and Tailor is my first cat. My friends somehow convinced me to enter him in the household pet category and I did. Call it “beginner’s luck”, but my handsome cat won first, third, forth, seventh and ninth (twice)!! I’m so glad I registered him, it was a great experience. I know Tailor may not have liked it that much. Although, I hope to see more cat breeds in the next show. But overall, it was great! The show brought cat lovers together and I got to meet some of Tailor’s Instagram fans! Thank you all for the support!

Here are some pictures from the show, didn’t get much as I was too busy handling Tailor but I hope you like them!


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