Australia Zoo!

WOOHOO!Home of the Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin, Australia Zoo is located in Queensland, one hour drive from where I’m staying. Of course, I went to see it!

First of all, the feelings I had on my way were so messed up I felt weird, like I was about to take a test! Anxious and nervous because I have been watching Steve on Animal Planet for as long as I can remember! His passion towards animals (especially crocodiles) was so inspiring to me and I have always wanted to meet him. Unfortunately, he passed away in 2006.

When I got there, I could not believe my eyes! I was there, standing where Steve, a childhood hero once stood! I was so overwhelmed I had to fight back my tears. I am in the place I’ve always wished to visit!

The zoo is spectacular. All the animals were active and curious about the visitors! There were playgrounds, diners, cafes, and gift shops everywhere. Posters and statues were in every single corner, which were cool to pose next to. Shows were on through out the day as well as animal encounters and volunteers to answer your questions.

Apart from me being obsessed with being there, it was such an educational trip and it made such an impact on me to see some rare animals and I got to know how I can help to save them. So over all, the place is a haven for animal lovers, an adventure for families and kids and an educational hot-spot for those wanting to know more about animals.

The Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve is being threatened by strip mining. Click on the link to learn about how you can Save Steve’s Place.

I’ll leave you now with some pictures that I took at different parts of the zoo such as Tiger Temple (my favorite!), ElephantAsia, Roo Haven, the Crocoseum, and many more! (Click on the picture to zoom in).


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