Review: A Dog’s Purpose

I love reading, especially books related to animals and I thought maybe I’ll start doing some reviews on books that I read that are related to animals! The latest book I read was W. Bruce Cameron‘s A Dog’s Purpose.It is a fictional novel that takes you through the multiple lives of a dog who, in each life, learns something in order to achieve something in his next life. If you do not like the idea of reincarnation, then this book will be confusing for you. However, the author’s way of writing was exciting and it grabbed my attention so well. I took the book with me to school and read between classes, it was so hard to put down! The book has funny moments, things that will make you smile, and situations that will make you cry.

The book let’s you view the life of a stray puppy, a purebred puppy, a working dog and more all from the dog’s point of view. It is very interesting and it gives you an idea about how dogs see our daily lives and how they live with us without actually understanding our language or why we do what we do.
It is such an amazing book that makes you realize all the things dogs do for us that make our lives better. It made me think about my dogs and all the dogs I have raised or found homes for and what they have done to effect me and other people in so many ways. A Dog’s Purpose is a must-read for dog lovers!

I got the book from last year’s annual bookfair in Kuwait, but you can find it on Amazon, there’s also A Dog’s Journey.


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