Achilles the great warrior

This morning I woke up from a terrible nightmare. I had a dream that I was walking on a sidewalk when I saw this mutt get hit by a car. It suddenly got crowded and I was trying to make my way through to the injured pup with a bone sticking out of his right hind leg. People were trying to see him and were blocking my way, so I was yelling that I am a vet and I can help him. I got to the puppy and as soon as I carried him he turned to a child (someone from the family I just can’t tell who it is exactly) and I was looking for my family to help me take him to the hospital.This was the nightmare I woke up from this morning, and today, my father arrives to Brisbane. All was great until father told me that Achilles was injured. Somehow, Achilles managed to get a chain around his right hind leg and dislocate it. He could not move at all. My heart broke. Achilles has been at Royal Animal Hospital where they tried to relocate his leg but with no success. Achilles, at almost nine years of age, had to undergo surgery. They probably pinned his leg using some metal pins, my family won’t tell me details and I am still trying to contact Dr. Jill Mullen from RAH. There was a chance when they thought putting him down would be an option but hopefully it wasn’t.

After the news I went to my classes and after about an hour I realized how serious this is. Achilles, the dog that had been with us for over eight years is now old and hurt. He is in a serious condition, and I’m not there for him. I want to be with him so bad. I know that it might not make any difference, and that grumpy, old mutt might hate to see my face but I just want to be there like he was there for me. I am scared of losing him, I know he is so stubborn and annoying but I love him to death. He is now recovering at RAH and will go home in a week. He might be named after a great warrior, and he lived up to his name many times, but we need all your prayers.

He loves car rides!
The day he scared me to death when he got allergic to the new rug and lost a patch of hair over night.
love his fluffy coat!
Shaved Achilles. After he was lost for a year we had to shave him and we found wound holes on his neck.
Chancey and Achilles
Achilles in his prime, at about four years old.
Achilles being groomed, he hates baths!
Achilles and Crazy Ruby.
His favorite time of the year.
He could play fetch for the whole day!
my sister handling Achilles at K’s PATH Bark at the Park
Achilles and his savior, my baba<3
Achilles and my niece Susu.

5 thoughts on “Achilles the great warrior

  1. Sri Ram

    Achilles is a warrior and am sure GOD will give him all the courage to come good and be healthy for the rest of his long healthy life. God bless him.

  2. marlene bou gedeon

    He needs from you positive vibration, and since you are thinking about him as Great Warrior so you started and he will be really great, surrounded by your love and your familly as well Achilles will be healthy again. GOD bless both of you

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