Update about Achilles

Achilles has had his operation and is recovering at RAH, he will head home soon! Many thanks to everyone at RAH and especially Dr. Jill Mullen for taking some precious time to explain to me what was wrong and for the pictures and updates (and the homework!). I illustrated the x-ray taken for his hips and explained what the surgery procedure is.
The circle around his right hip shows how the normal hip should be, with the “head” fitting the socket. On the other hand, the long arrow shows how the hip was dislocated, is out of the socket (pointed out with an arrow head) and coming in contact with the pelvis bone which was causing him severe pain and he was not able to put any weight on his left hind leg.
The vets at RAH could not get the joint to stay in place so they did an operation which is called Femoral Head and Neck excision (Femoral Head Ostectomy). FHO is the removal of the ball which is supposed to fit in the socket, leaving the joint supported by muscle. The bone is cut approximately at the red line shown in the picture below. Thankfully, Achilles is able to put his leg down correctly so there is no nerve damage.
the bone removed from Achilles’ hip
surgery wound
Achilles after his surgery
the old dog can stand!

More on Femoral Head Ostectomy on http://dcvets.org/surgical/fho.pdf


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