Resurrecting the dead.

Hello dear readers,I took a trip to Gold Coast a few days ago and I went to Sea World with my dad. One of the attractions was Dinosaur Discovery Centre on Dinosaur Island. It had different periods in which dinosaurs lived and all their characteristics and some super cool statues that moved and made weird dinosaur sounds which was pretty cool.
For those who know me well they know that I grew up watching Jurassic Park, all three parts! I watched the second one over a million times and I know every line in the movie. However, the thought of bringing dinosaurs back to life scares the hell out of me. I am dead scared of having them back, especially the raptors! Being in the Dino Discovery Centre brought up a debate between me and my dad about whether or not it is possible to bring them back from extinction. I strongly believe that it is possible and if ever did happen, I would jump off a bridge.Yesterday as I was going through my Care2 Causes newsletter, I came across an article called Is It Worthwhile To Bring Extinct Species Back To Life?. The first thing that crossed my mind was, of course, dinosaurs! So in the article they mention examples of “de-extinction” such as bring back the Australian gastric-breeding frog and being able to get a duck to mate with a chicken and father chicks. Scientists are also planning on trying to bring back the dodo bird or the mammoth. Now any scientist or person who is concerned about endangered animals or those who have already died out would think that this is the best thing that could ever happen. The problem is, however, is that these animals may have the same DNA as their extinct ancestors, but they cannot be wild or “normal” because they will not be raised with or by other members of their own species. I also think that the “cloned” animals would have trouble reproducing and even if they did, their genetic pool would be so small that they would develop inherited diseases. Anyhow, if they do manage to bring back creatures from the dead, I hope no one goes crazy and does what John Hammond did, bring back dinosaurs!

I’ll leave you with some pictures of Dinosaur Discover Centre and Dinosaur Island at Sea World Gold Coast.

Dino poop lol.
okay I’ll be honest, I took this picture cause I liked that girl’s GIR backpack.
my worst nightmare, Velociraptors!
the size a Tyrannosaurus rex would be if it was brought back to life O_O

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