Guide Dogs Qld.

Dogs have always been there to help man. Hunting, retrieving, herding and guarding were the main purposes of many dogs since the beginning of their domestication. Nowadays, dogs are doing much more than that and just being companion animals. Dogs are now working in sniffing bombs and drugs, rescuing people from wreckage or drowning, helping people with special needs, clearing airplane paths and more.

The first “dog” related thing I noticed in Brisbane when I arrived was the number of guide dogs in training. Almost once a week, I would have to see two people wearing uniforms and training and evaluating a dog. In addition to that, almost in every store, there has to be one of these donation boxes to collect donations for guide dogs. I found out that this organization is called Guide Dogs Queensland. They offer services to people who are blind or vision impaired, and one of their services is providing trained guide dogs for free! Guide Dogs Qld was established in 1960 and depends almost completely on donations and volunteers. They breed their own dogs; the puppies are then raised, socialized and trained by volunteer “puppy raisers” for twelve months. After that, a trainer starts training the dog how to cross the street, avoid height obstacles, etc.. After the dog “graduates”, it will work with a blind or vision impaired person(s) for eight to ten years. When the dog retires, it can stay with the person he worked with or be adopted as a family pet.

I love this. Giving dogs a job and a purpose, a loving family, it’s about all that a dog needs! They also use Labrador Retrievers, like my big boy Chance. Every time I see one on the street, it puts a smile on my face and it makes me feel so warm inside. Dogs can do so much for people, and seeing it in the process is so touching. The effort done by these dogs, their trainers, caretakers and everyone who made this possible is appreciated, and I say THANK YOU in behalf of everyone. Click here to know how you can help!

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