Doggie Daycare Kuwait

When I left Kuwait, I left my dog Chance with a foster carer. A couple of weeks after I had arrived in Australia I got news from his fosterer saying that they can’t keep him anymore. I managed to find another person to care for him, but after a while that person couldn’t keep him either.

Stress kicked in, and I started panicking. I only need him to stay in Kuwait until September so I can get his papers done and bring him over to Australia. My Chance is dominant and needs an experienced handler if he is to stay with other dogs. He also needs to be exercised regularly as he is a bit overweight. It took me a month to get Chance used to Achilles when I first got him. He has had poor socialisation growing up and I was working on that. I even contacted a trainer here in Australia so that we can get him properly socialized as soon as he arrives. It was very difficult to find someone who can take him in. It made me sad to even think of considering finding him a new home in Kuwait.

So a few weeks ago, my friend DeAnne sent me a message about this daycare centre for dogs called Doggie Daycare Kuwait. I have seen their page before but I had completely forgot about it as I was too stressed. Other than being a daycare centre, DDK offers training, boarding, walking, grooming and photography for our precious dogs. Anyway, I emailed them, and a day later I got a reply from a nice lady called Cathy. I told her all that happened, and I explained Chance’s special needs. We got to an agreement and Chance paid a visit to Doggie Daycare Kuwait for an evaluation. They took him in!

Doggie Daycare Kuwait opened on the first of April. “In February or so, we were discussing the boarding and situations in Kuwait and the lack for dogs to have anything to do while folks worked a lot.” Cathy states, “Its not about profit as much as its about helping dogs, people and just feeling good about the difference we can all make.”.

As a vet student as well as a pet owner, I think that Doggie Daycare Kuwait provides a safe, controlled environment in which your dog can socialize with people and other dogs and is cared for properly. DDK is well aware of vaccines and dog health issues such as Kennel Cough, etc. and requires that all pets must be spayed or neutered.

Here are some pictures of Chance at Doggie Daycare Kuwait, I still find it amazing how he’s behaving well. The other dogs’ calm energy combined with the fact that the trainers are giving him his space is making it all good. I’m so happy about him staying with DDK.

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7 thoughts on “Doggie Daycare Kuwait

  1. Elizabeth Jones

    How wonderful, Jamilla! I’m so pleased that you found a place that worked out and that Chance is learning to socialize!

  2. DeAnne Davis

    I am so happy it all worked out. I just saw him the other dy. My daughter Haley is working there summer, so she works with him daily. He is getting much much better with other large male dogs. They are patient and very consistent with him. I love a happy ending.


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