Meet the gang

This is a page dedicated to my babies and their stories.

Meet Achilles!

Achilles is (I think) a Shiloh Shepherd, we found him when he was about 9-10 months old, all lost in the desert. He’s been with us for over 8 years now and he’s the grumpy, hard-headed old pal in the house.

Chance! (AKA Chanso, Chancey, Bu Chansa)

Chance is my goofy, fat (not anymore), hyper yellow Labrador. He was rescued from PAWS Kuwait and ever since then we are best of friends!
The one and only Tailor!
This little devil is my prince. I adopted him from a nice lady called Anne who found him next to a tailor’s shop (hence the name). Don’t let his cuteness fool you, he is evil and naughty. He has some fans on my Instagram account.

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